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    Gina Ney

    I am ready to archive my class of 2016 seniors. I would like to export their college list summary to Excel first so I can track when they applied and got in, which you have a button for, however, nothing happens when I click on button. Tried searching website how to do this, but I couldn't find it. Thanks.

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    Jo-Ann Beserra (Edited )

    Gina - Note that even after you archive your 2016 seniors, you will still be able to see their college information within GuidedPath and use the GuidedPath features to analyze their data in the future. You can also export this data to Excel. Follow these steps:

    1. Select your 2016 students on the My Students page - be sure to select "Search" to see the 2016 students list
    2. Click on the box in the header row to select ALL the students and then click on "Select Group"
    3. Under Decisions on the top menu select "Outcomes". This is a list of all your 2016 students and where they applied and where they got in. It also include test scores, GPA and where they will attend.

    You can export this list or just generate it when needed. Once your students are archived, just be sure the select "Archived" under Status on the My Students page.

    If you want to export each student individually, the Export to Excel button on the Summary page will put a file in your Downloads folder. If the file is not in the Downloads folder, check your computer settings to where downloads are placed.

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