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    Ryan Clark

    I like the tool, but I do not like the ratings. The ratings are good for only need based aid families. For families with high EFC numbers, the ratings are sometimes the opposite you have listed. For example, Boston Univ. has a rating of 4 stars. This is great for need only students because they meet almost 100% need. However, a family that has an EFC of $70,000 will not receive any need based aid from Boston Univ. Moreover, Boston Univ. only give out 4% in merit aid. So this student more than likely will be paying the full cost of tuition. I would not recommend this school for a good financial fit, unless the parents are willing and able to pay the full $455,000 of college cost. I think the ratings are misleading and should not be included, unless you also include an additional ratings for % of merit and average amount of merit aid given per student.

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