Student Messaging




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    Peggy Koch

    Can a student reply to the email on his phone and have that be recorded in the communications center? All my student's communications just come to my regular email even though they are sent through the application. Do text message replies get logged in the communication center? Maybe that is a better way.

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    GuidedPath Customer Success

    Student's can reply directly to any message. If they respond to a text message on their phone or to an e-mail, those reposes will all go back to your personal e-mail account. The only way replies get tracked in the message center is if the student replies within GuidedPath.

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    Whitney Bruce

    If the student replies within Guided Path, is there a way to be notified? I don't open all of my student's accounts every day.

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    Jo-Ann Beserra

    When a student replies to a message from within GuidedPath you will get an email copy of the message that is posted in GuidedPath.

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