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    Laurie Kiguchi

    Hello! Is there a way to generate a group report of billed items (not just invoiced) for each student? I usually wait to move billed items to an invoice until the end of the month (which might include several appts.), but sometimes want to get a summary of the amounts to be billed for each student - to check who needs to be billed, without having to look at each individual student's account (which is tedious).

    Thank you!

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    Jo-Ann Beserra

    A report on Charges and Balances is available that shows what has been invoiced and outstanding balances, but billed items do need to be on an invoice to show on this report. The other quick way to do this review is the student-to-student mode. To use this select all (or a subset) of your students from the My Students screen, and then click "Select" as if you were going to only one student. Navigate to the Invoices page for this first student and do your review. Then, you will see a forward arrow by the students name and you can navigate directly to the Invoices page of the next student.

    Note that you can use this student-to-student mode on any page and review the same information for each student.

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