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    Teresa Lloyd

    I can see the EFC of a family, but the family says that they cannot see it. Why is this?

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    Jo-Ann Beserra

    You have the option to set your account to allow you as an advisor to review results before the family does. To allow the family to see the results by unlocking the results and/or change your account setting to avoid this in the future see the bottom of this article:

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    Michelle Humbach

    Hi Guys: Please help me to advise my family where to input that grandparents will be contributing $10,000 per year to student's tuition, with EFC Calculator.


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    Cyndy McDonald

    It would be best to advise families to capture that information in the Additional Information section, (Section 1, Parent's Information). That way, the information is captured, but is not included in the actual family contribution calculations. This type of contribution from grandparents would be considered a part of the family contribution.

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