FAQ - How do I send registration or resend registration information to a user who is already created? (or one who just lost their registration e-mail)




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    Jo-Ann Beserra

    Victor - Here is an article with specific steps on how to set up accounts for parents with multiple students:

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    Victor Angustia

    I am working with families with multiple students. How do I set up correctly upfront so that the parents are connected to each of the students?

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    Denise Eliot

    It does not resend the registration - it just says "student is already registered." Can you please tell me how a student can sign in. This is a student who was moved over from mycca but has never been on guided path.

    Thank you!

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    GuidedPath Customer Success

    Hi Denise - Great question. If the student used a survey module account, they will use those log in credentials for GuidedPath. The username will be their e-mail address and they can re-set their password on the log in page if they can't remember what they used.

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    GuidedPath Customer Success

    All of your students will login at the GuidedPath login page. You can send them to your unique URL which is located in your organization profile in the logo section.

    For students who have used their survey module account, they do not need to register. They have account credentials that migrated over. For students who DID not have a survey module account, they will need to register and establish credentials.

    To determine who needs to register and who does not you can look for the check mark in the 'reg' column of the my students page. If they do NOT have a check mark, they need to register. If they DO have a check mark, they have a username and password.

    You can identify usernames for your students in the my students grid as well.

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    Heather Marks

    I have 2 students in the situation Denise describes. I'm not sure why they are different from all my other students. What log in page do these students (who guided path believes are already registered) visit?

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