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    John Sy

    When I log in, I always click the Remember Me box but it never does...

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    GuidedPath Customer Success

    Thanks for letting us know. We have a fix that we plan to deploy this Thursday night during our normal maintenance window. The remember me feature will remember your username but not your password for security reasons.

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    Ursula Roman

    Kim, do you have any suggestions on reading for running the business? we have been having seminars and have a few of our first customers, so now we need to deliver.

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    Cyndy McDonald

    Ursula you bring up a great question- running a consulting business takes organization and expertise. Use GuidedPath to record names of people who respond to your seminars as prospects. When they become clients, turn them into active students. Use appointments to schedule first appointments for your prospects. Use assignments for follow up action lists. Use GuidedPath as a marketing tool at all stages of building your business.

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